Super Money Tree at Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker Money Tree PromoCarbon Poker has proven to poker players that money really does grow on trees.  The online poker room offers players a free cash earning option called the Super Money Tree that gives players the opportunity to earn free cash while they enjoy the game they love!

And through, we’ve shown you that earning money is that much easier when combined with guaranteed bonuses, a sick VIP program and DAILY 35% rakeback.  The Super Money Tree just makes it THAT much more fun and easy to boost that bankroll.

Players will be able to earn cash for the VIP  Rewards points they earn while playing poker online at Carbon Poker. Players will be able to watch their “money tree” as it grows and keep track of how much money they will be able to earn each month.

The rewards from the money tree are given out on a monthly basis and players have the opportunity to earn a nice chuck of change!

To activate a money tree, players will need to go to the Money Tree page. This page is located in the player Admin section. Players will then need to select the “Activate” button to begin turning their VIP points into cash on their own money tree.

As is says on Carbon Poker’s official site, “In this promo, there’s no levels or limits to how much cash we will give you – whatever your money tree says, we pay. Grow your tree all month long and earn real cash prizes.”

So if you haven’t already registered for a Carbon Poker account already, this is a big reason why you should be registering for one already!

>> Download Carbon and get your account HERE – earn your VIP cashback and 150% bonus!

Earning VIP Points Towards Your “Super Money Tree”

Members then need to play real money tournaments, SnGs and ring games to earn additional VIP points that in turn help add to their “TREE.” Players must earn 100 VIP points in any twenty-four hour period.

By the end of the month players will earn $1 for each 75 VIP points earned on the players top five days of the month. However players do not have just five days to earn money on their tree.

Players can earn more cash at a faster rate if they are able to reach 10x qualifying days if they get 175 points for the month on these days. Players will earn $1 for every 55 VIP point for the ten qualifying days.

Players who reach 20x qualifying days of 250 plus VIP points for the month will be able be able to get $1 for every 25 VIP points on the ten qualifying days.

The Carbon Poker Money Tree has no limits on how much cash they can earn. This is a great opportunity for players to earn extra cash for their online poker account. Players can withdraw the cash given to their account within seven days of the amount being issued to their account.

In addition, this promotion DOES NOT deduct anything from the current rakeback you earn on the site.

Money Tree Promo