Sit’n’Go Leaderboard

The Sit and Go Leaderboard was developed for recreational players and grinders who wanted something beyond cash games at Carbon Poker.  With this amazing system, now players who like to strictly play one or multiple SnG’s at a time and get points based on their finish, and can use their sessions to gain more VIP Rewards points at the site as well!

The leaderboard system at Carbon gives out points to each player based upon where they finish in any one of their SnG’s. This includes satellite SnG’s and bounty SnG’s too everyone. Points are calculated with a  formula that is scaled against the buyin. So basically, a tournament with a $10+$1 entry fee will award more points to the winner than a tournament with an entry of $1+$0.10.

There is now over $10,000 available every month to the SNG players at Carbon Poker.  Once again, points are awarded to every player and based on the cost of the buy-in. A streak bonus is also rewarded to players you win several SNG’s in a row.

The streak bonuses are key here because the more you win the more you can qualify to win the additional $2000 up for grabs every month from the Streak Leaderboard. This is a great addition for SNG players at Carbon Poker and something that everyone should take advantage of once they sign up for an account.

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Here’s more info on how the SnG Leaderboard works at Carbon:
Leaderboard Formula:
sng leaderboard formula

Example: Leaderboard points awarded for 1st place in a $10+$1 x 10 Seated SnG

  • Overall Leaderboard Pts for 1st = ( 100 X 12 ) X Streak Bonus
    = 120 x Streak Bonus

Leaderboard Total: This is your accumulative leaderboard score for all SnG’s played, multiplied by your Streak Bonus

Streak Bonus: This is a special bonus which acts as a multiplier to your overall leaderboard total, based on your best SnG winning streak for the month.

  • 6 x Seated Streak Bonus: 1
  • 10 x Seated Streak Bonus: 1.5

Example: If you win 4 consecutive SnG’s, 2 x 6 seated and 2 x 10 seated, you would receive a Streak Bonus of 5

Streak bonus = 1 + 1 + 1.5 + 1.5 = 5

SnG Pts: Is the amount of points earned for playing one specific SnG


sng leaderboard formula

Example: Leaderboard points awarded for a $10+$1 x 10 Seated SnG

  • Leaderboard Pts for 1st = ( 100 X 12 ) = 120

Fee: Is the SnG entry fee in cents, Example:

  • A $10+$1 SnG would have a fee value of 100

Final Placing Bonus: Bonus multiplier based on your finishing position