Celebrate Shark Week with Carbon Poker

Written by Sadonna Price | July 9, 2015

carbon normalShark Week is one of the most celebrate weeks in television as viewers sit back and enjoy footage featuring one of the scariest creatures on earth. Featured on the Discovery Channel, Shark Week is a week-long celebration of the feared creature of the deep. Various programs featuring the unique animals are shown day and night, giving shark-lovers an outlet for entertainment.

At Carbon Poker, poker players can now combine their love of sharks with their love of the poker game. Carbon Poker is hosting special Shark Week Freerolls this week, giving players the opportunity to compete for a piece of the $2,000 prize pool.

Having just begun on July 7th, the special freerolls will continue until the 11th of July, offering players a daily freeroll just for being members of Carbon Poker. Each day, the online poker site will host a $200 Shark Week Freeroll with the top 25 players earning an entry into the $1,000 Shark Week Championship freeroll which will take place on July 12th.

The daily freerolls will have a $200 prize pool and will be free to all members of Carbon Poker. The event will take place at 21:00 server time and give the top players a chance at the larger prize pool of the $1,000 championship freeroll. Players can only take part in the championship by earning a spot via the daily freerolls.

Once a player makes the championship event, they must wait until the 12th to compete. The $1,000 Shark Week Championship will take place at 18:00 Server Time and will only be open to players who earned a spot via the $200 Daily freeroll.

So enjoy Shark Week and watch your favorite programs but don’t forget to take part in the freeroll competition at Carbon Poker. You never know, you may end up earning a ton of cash while enjoying your favorite game.




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