Carbon Grand Prix Offering $35,000 in Prizes

Written by Sadonna Price | March 13, 2015

carbon normalFor almost the entire month of March, Carbon Poker is offering players the opportunity to take part in special daily hand races, offering more than $35,000 in cash prizes. The Carbon Grand Prix began on the 1st of this month and will continue until the 29th, offering player’s daily contests to earn cash prizes and continue to build a solid bankroll.

To take part, players will need to hit the No Limit and Fixed Limit Texas Hold’em cash games each day with specific stakes to be able to win a portion of the daily $1,200 prize pool. Carbon will automatically track the real money gaming raked hands played to tally up points for the daily leaderboard. The leaderboard will reset each day so players can compete again and again to try and finish at the top of the leader board challenge.

Players can compete with the following stakes:






Prizes will be paid out to first, second and third place based on the stake level. The higher the stakes, the higher the cash prizes for first to third.

First Place            $0.25/$0.50 =$50              $0.50/$1=$100                   $1/$2=$125         $2/$4=$150                                                         $3/$6=$175

Second Place     $0.25/$0.50=$25               $0.50/$1=$50                     $1/$2=$75           $2/$4=$100                                                         $3/$6=$125

Third Place          $0.25/$0.50=$10               $0.50/$1=$25                     $1/$2=$50           $2/$4=$75                                                           $3/$6=$100

The leaderboard is available for every player to view and is continually updated throughout the day. Players who earn a cash prize will be paid the cash amount within a twenty four hour time frame after the win. Players can continue to compete at the cash gaming tables to be able to earn a cash prize or just have fun enjoying poker gaming.

The special contest still has plenty of time for you to compete at least once or every day. The daily race will take place each day until the 29th, so be sure to visit Carbon and take part!

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