BonusMania Comes to Carbon Poker

Written by Sadonna Price | May 1, 2015

OPR LogoEvery online poker player loves to take part in incentives. Poker sites understand that if they offer special promotions such as bonuses and events, players will be ready to take advantage of such offerings. There is nothing better than enjoying the game you love, only to earn special incentives in the process! At Carbon Poker, players commonly have options to enjoy that promote further game play with bonuses, cash back, etc. The site just recently offered a new option that players should take advantage of.

BonsuMania is now alive and kicking at Carbon Poker and a great way for players to earn free cash by playing their favorite poker games. The option is simple as players need only Activate their bonus in the player admin of Carbon Poker.

To see how much the bonus is worth, players will need to check the player admin at Carbon. This offer will then need to be activated by April 30th, with a server time of 23:59 or earlier. Once the bonus is claimed, players can then play their favorite online poker games to clear the money. If a bonus is not located in your account, simply use the code MANIAPK to earn a 50% bonus worth up to $250 in honor of BonusMania.

Players have from May 1st to the end of May 10th to clear the bonus amount. If you are clearing more than one bonus, players will need to go to Carbon Poker client and then click on the Activate Bonus option via the Promotions tab. Select the bonus you wish to clear first, which of course would be the BonsuMania option since you have only a few days to clear the funds. Play your favorite poker games and soon you will have extra cash in your account which can then be cashed out or used to play even more great poker games!




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