Poker Player’s Bank not paying up Big Cash Win from PokerStars

Written by Sadonna Price | April 24, 2015

cashstacksEvery poker player dreams of taking part in a major event and earning a big cash win. Some enjoy the game so much, they end up playing professionally. A big win can signify the beginning of a long and successful career in the poker industry. While many individuals are able to enjoy the game as a career, others are not so lucky. A recent player in a PokerStars big event did so well he quit his job, only to never be paid his big win.

An online player known as RuiDeck of Germany competed in the Pokerstars Micromillions Main Event and finished in third place. The finish resulted in a cash prize of just under $60,000 which the player figured he could use to begin his online poker career. The Italian player is currently based in Germany and after quitting his waiter job, he has now never received his pay day due the bank’s unwillingness to move the funds.

RuiDeck only had $11 in his PokerStars account and used the money to win a ticket to the Main Event via a satellite. He was then able to outlast a huge field of 20,000 players to earn the third place finish. He could not believe he was able to last so long in the event and was very happy to have this jump start on a possible poker career.

Once he won, he booked a flight to Sicily to visit friends and celebrate. He quit his job and began dreaming of a poker career. Based on current restrictions in Germany and Europe, both money laundering and gambling legislation has not allowed the player to have access to his funds.

He was originally told he could make a withdrawal and it would be one week until payment was received, based on polices in the country. He then contacted PokerStars and was given an email that confirmed his win was legitimate and then provided a letter to explain to the bank for payment. He is now considering legal action to be given access to his winnings.

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