Global Poker Masters World Cup Win Goes To Team Italy

Written by Sadonna Price | March 26, 2015

The Global Poker Masters World Cup took place for the very first time this just a few days ago and it was Team Italy who earned the first place win. Teams were created from around the world and it was the five man team of Italy who were victorious. Team Italy consisted of Andrea Dato, Giuliano Bendinelli, Rocco Palumbo, Mustapha Kanit and Dario Sammartino.

The Italian team would have a large chip lead going into the final round of game play and would earn the win after taking down Team Russia. The Russian team included Ivan Soshnikov, Anatoly Filatov, Alex Bilokur, Vladimir Troyanovskiy and Vitaly Lunkin.

Seven nations remained once the final day of game play began and this was after the UK Team was eliminated during day 1. Team USA would be eliminated during the quarter finals. The heads-up quarter finals would see each team playing three deep stack heads up match-ups. Each win would earn the team 17,000 in chips which could be used in the semi-final round.

Once the finals began, Team Italy would have a nice chip lead thanks to knocking out the USA team. The chip advantage gave them a good head start over Team Russia, with 404,900 chips going in to the finals. In the finals, five heads-up matches would take place with each player of each team having to compete.

During the final round, the Russian team had confidence but the chip shortage would put them at a loss. The Italians would close in and earn the win, becoming the first ever to earn a title win during the Global Poker Masters.

Final Results:


  • Team Italy
  • Team Russia
  • Team US
  • Team Germany
  • Team Canada
  • Team Ukraine
  • Team France
  • Team UK



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