Carbon Poker Licensing and RNG Testing (once called has a gaming license through the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The Kahnawake GC licenses many online gaming sites and has turned itself into an industry leader in gaming regulations. Kahnawake is a native area inside Canada, and as such it is allowed to handle gaming licensure.

Part of the reason for CarbonPoker’s ability to service American poker players is the licensing through the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. KGC, as they’re known in the industry, applies the same technical standards as any other gaming commission to make sure that the games at are fair for their member poker players.

All of’s systems have undergone extensive analyses and audits, and are subject to future surprise audits, to make sure that CarbonPoker complies with the Kahnawake Commission’s high standards. Kahnawake also monitors the casino’s operations and looks into the service monthly to make sure Carbon Poker is complying.

The reason Carbon Poker and the rest of the Merge Network shut down to US players a few months ago had nothing to do with Kahnawake’s licensure—it was Merge Network’s inability to keep up with US player’s cashouts. Many gaming properties are licensed by the KGC, and they are recognized as a legitimate supplier of casino gaming licenses.

It’s important to note that Carbon Poker has also earned another license after a vigorous certification process. This particular license is from a prestigious European gaming license organization as well, and it will be covered later on in this article.


Carbon Poker’s Random Number Generator’s random number generator is what makes the game fair for all players. A single 52-card deck has so many possible combinations that a sophisticated computer system called a random number generator runs the dealing and shuffling of the cards. This RNG makes it impossible to hack or predict the outcome of a game.

An online casino or poker room has to have its random number generator tested. The random number generator was approved by a company called Gaming Associates called in by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to check out the RNG and make sure its legit. The idea behind the random number generator is to make sure that each card in play has an even chance of being chosen from the deck.

History of Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker was formed in 2005 and was soon bought by and both sites joined the newly-minted Merge Network under one name–Carbon Poker. Confused yet?, a valuable URL if ever there was one, still exists as an affiliate site, a site that just happens to own Carbon Poker’s Kahnawake gambling permit. Carbon Poker grew right along with the Merge Network, partially thanks to the fact that it stayed open to American poker players while some of the larger poker sites left the American market thanks to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.

Then, in April of 2011, Department of Justice in the US shut down a number of sites that remained open to American players, and while Carbon Poker and Merge were not specifically shut down, they elected to leave the market. Only a few short months later, Carbon Poker is re-opening its doors to American poker players, along with the rest of the Merge Network, including a few new members.


Carbon Poker’s Latest License

At the end of September 2011, it was announced that CarbonPoker, along with a couple of other sites, earned their gaming license in Europe under the LGA. The LGA is the Lotteries and Gaming Authority that is responsible for controlling all forms of gaming in Malta. Licensure out of Malta means even more credibility for Carbon Poker and other skins on the Merge Network, but it also means that most of Carbon Poker’s European players now pay no taxes on their Carbon Poker winnings

Long licensed in Kahnawake, Canada, this European license is a huge boost to Carbon Poker’s legitimacy. It is largely believed that European gaming licenses are harder to earn, and therefore imply that a casino with a European license is more legitimate and more trustworthy. While this may not be true, the news of a license in Europe will probably convince a good number of new players to sign up at Carbon Poker.

Why Carbon Poker is Safe for USA Players

The biggest three poker rooms that opened their doors wide to registrations from new online poker players (including those in most of the United States) are Carbon Poker, Lock Poker, and Pokerview. If you’re a Carbon Poker fan, don’t get too excited just yet. There are still some parts of the world where new registrations are not allowed: Australia, France, the District of Columbia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Maryland, New York and Washington. If you live in one of these areas, you won’t be able to open a new real-money poker account. The reasons vary as to why citizens of those areas can’t register–generally it’s because there is some local or national law that takes precedent.

One of the reasons that the Merge Poker Network is safe for American players is the simple fact that Merge Network skins do business with payment processors and banks that are outside of the US and protects them from prosecution by the US Department of Justice. Carbon Poker, like all the other skins on the Merge Network, is known for segregating player accounts to protect from this sort of attack, and now that segregation is paying off. Expect Carbon Poker and Merge Network’s traffic numbers to shoot through the roof once the news of their opening gets around to the huge US poker market.

Also, remember that the main reason for locking out US players from the Merge Network was to fix some payment processing issues. Most skins on the Merge Network were having trouble sending payment to their players with some cash outs reportedly taking six weeks or more. Merge was only supposed to be closed to new U.S. player accounts for two months maximum but finding a solution to the problem took longer than expected. The problem is fixed now, and US players are welcome back at Carbon Poker as well as a few other Merge sites.