DragTheBar.com Poker Training

dragthebar.com poker trainingWe here at CarbonPokerRakeback.com are now partnering up with acclaimed poker training website DragTheBar.com in what many are considering one of the best and most beneficial promotions any rakeback site has offered in the past year.

In fact, this training site is climbing up the ranks in the poker world, with buzz around the web showing they have a strong following of players who have been actively participating at their forums and constantly viewing strategy videos that are available from the instructors at their website.

The trainers at Drag The Bar consist of some of the very best online poker players in the world, including 2+2 legend Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt and Hunter “BeachJustice” Bick.  These two are apart of a very strong contingent of poker savants, which are constantly updating the website with strategy and blog posts, as well as uploading videos to the DTB library that already consists of over 1,000+ vids and counting.

DTB poker training siteIn conjunction with their website, we’re giving out a very special offer to players who have signed up through CarbonPokerRakeback.com,  including giving out FREE access to Drag The Bar’s members area for one month – and all it costs you is $1 in rake at Carbon (not a type folks, just a buck in rake).

The promotion is just THAT simple and to the point, just the way I like it.

If you’ve signed up for rakeback through this site and used our unique bonus code CARBONPK at the deposit screen after you’ve made your new Carbon Poker account, then you’re already ready to claim your FREE poker training from there.


What about AFTER my DragTheBar.com 30-day trial is over?

Well this is where the offer gets even sweeter folks.

Basically, after you’ve completed the 30-day FREE trial over at Drag The Bar’s website, you can continue to get FREE access to their membership area every  month just by earning $500 in rake every month after the initial start period.

If that is something you’re looking to do volume-wise, the training site prices are pretty affordable and provide wiggle room for your bankroll if you don’t want to put in that much work at the tables – with prices starting at just $29.99/month.  Here are other prices for DragTheBar.com training:

– $29.99 a month
– $89.97 for three months + one additional month free
– $179.94 for six months + three additional months free
– $359.88 for twelve months + six additional months free