VIP Rewards & Cashback Breakdown at Carbon Poker

One of the older poker rooms on the Merge Network, Carbon Poker draws in a ton of poker players looking to clean up against the generally weak competition spread across all the sites on their network. Like all sites on the Merge Network, the poker skills are generally average at best, with most of the fish playing at smaller and medium stakes games. However, with a revamped rewards program and the largest bonuses in the USA poker market, it’s no wonder why Carbon has been attracting thousands of players in the wake of Black Friday.

With a new and interesting rewards program, of course, Carbon Poker’s deposit bonus is needless to say somewhat difficult to clear— although that’s common among all rooms on the Merge Network though. As a member of, your first deposit bonus is a bit juicier at least. In fact, through our links at new players signing up will earn a 200% match bonus up to $5,000.

The biggest difference between the new bonus program at Carbon Poker and the old one is that players at Carbon Poker can now move quicker up the tiers, jumping from the lowest of the low to the highest tier in a single month if they play enough raked hands and pay plenty of tournament fees. The recently introduced six-tier rewards program appears to have been up to increase the number of payouts a player sees rather than the amount of money they earn. In plain language—the new Carbon Poker rewards program makes you feel like you’re earning more free cash because you see it in your account more often.

At tier ‘Carbon’ players will earn 35% cashback on their VIP points to cash exchange making it one of the elite VIP levels in internet poker.



Carbon Poker First Deposit Bonus

As of this writing, Carbon Poker is back to advertising their usual first deposit bonus of 200% up to $5,000. That means Carbon Poker will match your first deposit (up to a limit of $5,000) based on the amount of VIP points you earn. To claim that bonus, you cash out $1 at a time for every 150 VIP points you earn. The bonus will be released in $5 increments automatically as players earn the points.

As with other sites, you’ll lose your entire first deposit bonus if you withdraw any money during the bonus period, and any VIP points earned after your first ninety days of play won’t count towards the match bonus.’s first deposit bonus at Carbon Poker is a 200% match up to $5,000.

How long will it take to clear that bonus? Depends on what kind of poker player you are. At the $5/10 Texas holdem tables, each raked hand earns you between 50 and 100 VIP points. That means at higher stakes tables, you could clear $1 of your bonus on every two hands. If you’re playing at a $0.50/1 table, you’re only earning between 5 and 10 VIP points, so it would take about 14 or 15 raked hands to earn that same $1 of bonus money.

Once again, the money you can earn through Carbon Poker’s bonus program and a VIP Program is totally up to you. Choose to play at higher stakes to earn your bonus faster, but that puts you among a tougher crowd of poker players, making each $1 of bonus earned that much more expensive to claim.

Carbon Poker Points for Cash Exchange

Depending on your VIP tier (there are six, based on the traditional elements of earth, wind, fire, water, ether and carbon) you can earn instant cash for trading in player points as well. At the lower levels, the exchange rate is pretty weak. Members on the earth tier, for example, can exchange 250 VIP points for $2.$25 of rake for a $2.00 payout isn’t outstanding by any means, but the further up the tiers you go, the better the rewards earnings.

At the Carbon tier, the tier you’re trying to get to in order to earn the best possible bonus rewards at Carbon Poker, you can exchange 20,000 VIP points for $700. That represents a 35% cashback bonus on all VIP points earned!

Other Bonuses and Rewards

Depending on the time of year, and the mood of the promotions team at Carbon Poker, you can earn a lot more money by taking part in their generous lineup of additional bonuses and reward offers. For example, every October, Carbon Poker hosts 2x October. During that month, Carbon Poker members can earn double their VIP points every Tuesday and Thursday on any real money game.

Also, during some months players can earn up to double VIP points just by opting in to the program when it’s available. Taking advantage of 2x Points Promos are a great way of racking up points to exchange for cash or to clear your first deposit bonus.

carbon poker rakeback

Take part in Carbon Poker’s “Refer-a-friend” program and earn even more cold hard cash. Every time you successfully refer a friend to Carbon Poker, you’ll earn $25 for your player account, plus you and your friend get free entry into Carbon’s $2,500 Refer-A-Friend Freeroll. If you were to refer one friend successfully per month, you’re looking at an extra $300 a year. That’s half of your first deposit bonus right there.

Players can earn even more rewards with Carbon’s $10k Monthly Rake Races such as Last Man Standing and Tourney King promotions.  These add thousands of dollars in extra rewards for players.

Taking part in these additional bonus program and incentives can increase your income over time, even if they are not the meat and potatoes of the Carbon Poker rewards program. Every little bit of extra cash you can make gives you a slight advantage against the house, with its seemingly limitless supply of cash.