“Tourney King” Competition

Become the Tourney King of Carbon TODAY!Tourney King is a new tournament option available at Carbon Poker for those who want to reign supreme over their online poker competitors. The competition is new to the online poker room and players will not be disappointed with this very unique option for MTT players.  Along with getting up to 35% cash back through Carbon Poker VIP you’ll also get a HUGE first-time deposit bonus, it makes this one of the more lucrative promos out there on Carbon today.

Each month the online poker room will track the results of each player who competes in tournament play. Players will then earn High Limit or Low Limit leaderboard points. The points awarded are based on a unique formula created by Carbon Poker. At the end of each month over $20,000 in cash and prizes will be rewarded to the poker players and the top player will be named “Tourney King.”

Tourney King has two MTT leaderboards:

– The first is the Low Limit leaderboard which is for tournaments that have a buy-in of $0 to $19.99.

– The second leader board is the High Limit leaderboard which is for tournaments with buy-ins of $20 or more.

Each leader board will have a “Grand Final” tournament and the winner of both finals will earn a cash prize as well as the ability to tell everyone they are Tourney King!

Players will need to be in the top 250 players on the leaderboard to be able to participate in a Grand Final Tournament. Players who participate in the Grand Final will be given unique chip stack that will be based on how many points they earned that month, with the higher point-getters starting with much bigger stacks over their opponents once the tourney starts.

The best thing about the Tourney King option is that there is over $20,000 in cash that will be rewarded to players each month and the rewards will be instantly put into the players account and they are NO play requirements. That’s right! NO PLAYTHROUGH REQUIREMENTS!!!  It’s almost as good as our first-time poker bonus at Carbon (*wink wink).

Below is a table that players can find at Carbon Poker which lists the finishing places for the Grand Final as well as the prize awarded.

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High Limit Leaderboard

Result Prize Value
1st Cash $3,000
2nd Cash $1,800
3rd Cash $1,200
4th Cash $600
5th Cash $450
6th-15th $100 cash + $50K entry coupon $209
16th-30th $50K entry + $60 satellite coupon $169
31st-40th $50K entry coupon $109
41st-50th $60 satellite coupon $60
Total Prize Value $13,365

Low Limit Leaderboard

Result Prize Value
1st Cash $1,500
2nd Cash $900
3rd Cash $600
4th Cash $300
5th Cash $225
6th-15th $50K entry + $60 satellite coupon $169
16th-30th $50K entry coupon $109
31st-40th $60 satellite coupon $60
41st-50th $11 satellite coupon $11
Total Prize Value $7,560

tourney king

MTT Leaderboard Formula for TOURNEY KING Competition

This is the EXACT formula used on Carbon Poker’s Tourney King page:

Multi table Poker Tournament Formula

Buy-in: Average Buy-in cost for tournament (max 100, fee NOT included)
Buy-in for R/A tournaments = prizepool / (Entrants + Rebuys + Addons)
Entrants: Total number of tournament participants
Position: Final placing
Final Table Bonus: A bonus multiplier is applied to your leaderboard points for a tournament if you finish on the final table according to the table below:

Final Table Bonus MultiplierPlacingFT BonusPlacingFT Bonus1st1.56th1.352nd1.457th1.353rd1.458th1.34th1.49th1.35th1.410th1.25