Complete Carbon Poker Review


Quick Update: Ignition Poker and Casino has replaced Carbon Poker as the best USA friendly poker site in the country right now. Check out their review at our sister site, 

Carbon Poker is the largest room on the Merge Network. This room is actually the old which was completely overhauled and re-branded to Carbon Poker in 2007.  Carbon offers a $5,000 bonus and offers the best cash game and SnG/MTT selections on the planet.  This makes Carbon Poker one of the best choices for cash game players and Sit and Go grinders alike, especially in today's rough online poker climate.

One of the cool features that were recently added is the “Deal it Twice” feature. Along with several nice deposit/withdrawal options combined with 24 hour customer support makes Carbon Poker one of the premier poker rooms in today's bumpy online poker climate (especially if you're in the United States).

The new cashier at Carbon Poker also makes it easier to make seamless withdrawals and faster cashouts in general.  This was recently implemented and is one of the top reasons why the site is steadily gaining ground in the USA and worldwide

Carbon Poker Banking Options

Here are the deposit options that Carbon Poker offers for USA players:

  • Visa Debit/Credit Card
  • Cash Transfers aka Western Union (check the image below to see how to input the bonus code here)





  • Neteller
  • Skrill/Moneybookers
  • Visa by Skrill
  • MasterCard by Skrill
  • DINERS by Skrill
  • Visa Electron by Skrill

The most popular option for making a withdrawal at Carbon Poker has been via check which has taken on average about 5 to 10 business days to reach the player. This is a MASSIVE upgrade considering it was taking in upwards of 2 months to receive check withdrawals from the site in the past.

In addition, Carbon will sometimes offer debit cards and Western Union withdrawals depending on your VIP status and availability of each.  We run over the most popular options below.

Carbon Poker has a number of deposit options for U.S. Players:

- Western Union cash transfer (Min: $100 - Maximum: $1,000)
- Visa Debit/Credit cards (verification process takes only a few minutes to complete - HIGH acceptance rate)

>> Click here for International Deposit Options.

Withdrawal Methods (USA and abroad):

- Check (BEST USA-option - 1 to 3 weeks to received via FedEx)
- Debit Card/Western Union Money Order (this is subject to availability and your VIP status)
- Neteller*
- Skrill/Moneybookers*

* denotes INTERNATIONAL withdrawal method only.

Carbon Poker Video Review of Software


Carbon Poker Game Selection

Whatever type of card game you are looking for there is a good chance that Carbon Poker offers it.  The most popular games are of course No Limit Texas Holdem and Omaha, with many of the fixed limit hold'em games also having steady 24/7 traffic.  The most popular ring games right now are those in the $.50/$1 through $5/$10 NL range.

Finding games with full ring or short-handed are also not a problem, and you can even filter these in the lobby itself once you login.  Stakes range as low as $.02/$.04 to as high as $30/$60 (with some games opening up in the $50/$100 to $100/$200 range depending on the time of the week).

Other games offered include Seven-Card Stud Hi and Hi-Lo, Omaha Hi and Hi-Lo, H.O.R.S.E., Razz, Five-Card Stud, Five-Card Draw, A-5 Lowball, 2-7 Lowball and Badugi. In addition to these card games Carbon Poker also offers several side games for when you need a break from the tables.

For all you bored degenerates, the side games offered at Carbon Poker include Euchre, Blackjack, Roulette, Caribbean Stud, Video Poker and Backgammon.  You can play for as low as $1 a hand too and  build from there.

Ring (Cash) Games

Ring games at Carbon Poker are where you will find most of the action. As mentioned above you will find the most fish at $.50/$1 through $5/$10 on the No Limit Texas Hold’em and Limit Holdem tables, with  many small and mid-stakes grinders swimming in similar ponds. There are still games to be found at the higher limits but there may be a small wait time involved - especially with a lot of the big grinders taking up space there after sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt disallowed USA customers from playing.

In the near future we believe that the action at the higher limits will increase due to the rising popularity and constant increase in new player sign-ups. You will be able to crush the cash games by sticking to a TAG style game. Due to the fact that poker tracking software isn’t allowed and lower traffic at the lower limits has kept away the sharks for the most part. If you are remotely decent at poker and can play a TAG game you will crush the fish at this site.

MTT's and Sit n' Go's

Carbon Poker has several different types of tournaments that they offer. One of the most popular types of tournaments is their satellite tournaments which start at $2. They usually have these going for all major events and run them pretty frequently.

Also when you make your first deposit you will get access to all the smaller $25 to $50 daily freerolls and automatic access to the VIP Program. Carbon Poker also has a Sunday $100,000 Guaranteed Tournament which is held every Sunday at 5PM GMT.

Carbon does also offer SNG tournaments and also allows you to setup your own SNG tournaments. We found the traffic to be lower for SNG’s on this site,  but they have been openly talking about it on 2+2's forums about getting more of these opened up to accommodate the 45- and 90-man SnG players as well.

Sit and Go's at Carbon Poker can start as low as $.11 all the way up to $507.50, with the super turbo versions of each being extremely popular on the site.

Updated Software

We found the software at Carbon Poker to be one of the best in the online poker industry. This site also just launched a new version of their software in the middle of 2012, including a brand new cashier that allows for easier depositing and quicker withdrawals. There are several new features that have been included in the new software, including the ability to change up your table skins, customize your emoticons and the ability to easier cascade or re-size your tables if you're looking to load up a few tables at once on your monitor.

Two options that were added should help fix problems that multi table players were having before. The first feature that was introduced is mini mode. Mini-mode allows the player to minimize a table while still retaining a readable resolution and will include a minimal interface for the table.

The next option is the poker game grid option which will allow players to specify a grid up to 10+ tables. This feature also gives you the ability to switch tables from a separate window to a grid window on an individual basis. Also if you are a HU player there is now the option to rematch immediately after the end of the game.

Holdem Manager currently is the only form of card tracking support provided at Carbon Poker.  It is also Mac-compatible with a download-friendly client for all you Mac users.

Customer Support

Carbon Poker has some of the best support that we have seen. In addition to the standard email support, which has quick response times, they also offer 24 hour live chat. This is a nice addition which makes it possible to get ahold of someone no matter what time it is.