Carbon Poker Affiliate Program

Carbon Poker's affiliate program is one of the most generous in the industry, where affiliates can earn up to 40% revenue off its players on the poker tables and side games (ie Blackjack, etc).
Bonus Details
40% revenue share on poker AND side games
Top-notch affiliate managers
24/7 access to your earnings

Clearing Requirement:

No clearing requirement other than pushing Carbon on your websites and newsletters and earning off the real money players you acquire!

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How does the program work?

It’s very easy.  People sign-up at Carbon Poker using your affiliate codes or links and you make fat cash.  No gimmicks or strings attached.  Do all of your friends play online poker but don’t have an account at Carbon Poker?  Great, get them all to sign-up under your affiliate account and just sit back and watch the cash come in.

Do I have to make affiliate payments or deal with support?

No, the staff at the Carbon Poker Affiliate Program take care of this for you.  Plus if you offer rakeback to your players then Carbon Poker pays all the players on a daily basis directly to their account.  This will give you more free time and you won’t have to worry about making payments every month.

Why should I promote Carbon Poker?

Well if you haven’t played at Carbon Poker then you are really missing out.  Not only do they have some of the best software I have seen in the poker industry but they also have first class player support.  This means that your players will be happy and we all knows what happens when are players are happy.  We make more money.  Being a poker affiliate can be hard but Carbon Poker has one of the best affiliate programs around and will truly be a partner in your business.

Most affiliate programs will give you a couple banners and kick you out the door.  This is not the case at Carbon Poker.  The affiliate managers are great and usually on instant messenger or answering their email rather quickly.  Also the tracking on the affiliate backend is great.   Most programs run into trouble with tracking but Carbon Poker does a great job.   The affiliate backend is able to run several different reports with detailed information about all of your statistics.

If you have been thinking about promoting Carbon Poker then you should get signed up for an account right away.  Make sure to get the best Carbon rakeback offer before signing up.  Go ahead and take some time to play a couple of hands and see how awesome Carbon Poker is to play at.  You will have to deposit a minimum of $25 and most Visa and MasterCard accounts will work for your initial deposit.  Also you will need to have a players account since you affiliate earnings will be deposited into your players account on a daily basis.

After you sign-up as an affiliate you will be able to get custom bonus codes and be able to customize the bonus you want to offer your players.  Being able to offer your players the best Carbon Poker bonus will put you ahead of the competition.  After you are done reading this use the banner below to visit PDC affiliates and start promoting Carbon Poker today.