Account & Deposit Verification at Carbon Poker

Any time a poker site or network opens to a new audience, there are account verification and payment issues to deal with.  Don’t worry though, this process is really just to make sure there are absolutely no hiccups when it comes to processing your deposits and to ensure that Carbon is looking out for your funds.

Carbon Poker is now open to American registration for the first time in months, so new player registration is at a peak, and this is slowing down the registration process for all new players at Carbon Poker and other Merge Network skins.  However, the new VIP Program and cashback system makes it all the more worthwhile to play at this site.

Here is a quick guide to Carbon Poker Account Verification, with tips taken from the Carbon Poker website itself and a few things to remember when attempting to verify your account.


How to Verify Your Account at Carbon Poker

This information comes directly from Carbon Poker’s website. Take some time to look it over if you feel like your account verification process is taking too long.

Once you have made a deposit to your account with a credit card or other mode of deposit, you’ll need to verify your identity by completing an identity verification form provided by Carbon Poker along with a few other pieces of ID.

1.  Take this link [] to complete the identity verification form provided by Carbon Poker.

2.  Along with your filled the verification form, Carbon Poker requires a legible (well copied) copy of a valid driver’s license, passport, or other government issued photograph ID as well as a copy of the front and back sides of any credit or debit card used to deposit to your account. Be sure to copy and send images of both sides.

3.  Upload the files required in the steps above on the section labeled “File Upload” on your player account page. That’s when the Carbon Poker staff are notified that you want to verify your account.

Additional Ways to Process Your Account Verification Form

If you don’t want to use the online upload system, you can send the completed verification form and provide your other documentation proof to the support staff in one of these ways:

1. Scan and email images to

2. Take a digital photograph of the documents and email to

3. Fax copies of documents and your completed form to 1-888-212-7135

Carbon Poker will let you know once they process your documents by sending you an email, or by phone or fax. Carbon Poker points out that verification time may vary based on the amount of new registrations, so during a big registration period like right now, it may take longer than usual. When Carbon Poker is operating at full capacity, your ID can be verified in as little as two hours.

Be sure that all your copies, scans, faxes, and other images are easy to read and printed crisply, or else your ID could be returned unverified or you could slow down the process.


Things to Remember While Waiting for Account Verification

Carbon Poker, and other skins on the Merge Network, is being slammed with new members since the site re-opened to American poker players. Merge was so afraid of this logjam that they actually sent out a memo to their skins and affiliates and colleagues saying they should play down the new opening to avoid a huge rush of customers signing up and trying to cash out.

This logjam of customers was blamed for Merge Network’s halt on new American players earlier in 2011. An inability to process cash outs and new player registrations led Merge Network to halt all registration from American poker accounts, and this ban has just recently been lifted. You better believe Merge is worried about another crowded cash out and registration line.

It appears their worries were all grounded in reality. People all over poker forums are complaining about the time it is taking for Carbon Poker to verify their account.

Since account verification requires players to send in lots of copies, forms, and ID, and an exchange of emails back and forth, account verification is a slow and detailed process. Let’s make it clear—Carbon Poker has plenty of new customers who have been approved and verified with no problem. What happens is, one or two players take a few months to have their accounts verified, and the problem gets blown out of proportion on the forums.

Remember that your failure to be verified could be due to some small mistake—you may have forgotten to fill in a part of the forms, you may have a detail on the forms that is inconsistent with your profile, or it could be something as simple as a bad copy of your credit card or other forms of ID.

Carbon Poker says that check processing and account verification is taking as long as 6 weeks since they’ve re-opened their doors to American players again. You better believe that the Merge Network and Carbon Poker are working hard to improve that time frame, and to bring other payment and account verification options to the table, but you have to be patient.

If you’re an American player chomping at the bit to get in on the old online poker action you miss, remember that you were totally without a playing option for months. It is worth it to wait a couple of weeks to have your account properly verified.